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150 + 1 Katowice

2 June 2017 – 2 July 2017, The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Authors: Piotr Wójcik, Tomasz Sinek, Monika Proba
Curator: Dominique Roynette

Organized by The Polish Institute in Moscow and The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center founded in 2009 in Ekaterinburg. The Boris Yeltsin Center regularly organizes exhibits and conferences about Boris Yeltsin’s life and work, as well as on Russian and world history at the end of the 20th century. The Center’s complex includes a museum, exhibition and conference space and Library. The Yeltsin Center also supports activities in the following areas: Education, Culture, Youth, Intemational, Humanitarian Cooperation, Publishing, Literary Awards.

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21 December 2016 – 5 March 2017, Galeria Miasta Ogrodów, Katowice, Poland
Authors: Piotr Wójcik, Tomasz Sinek, Monika Proba
Curator: Dominique Roynette

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Piotr Wójcik photographs and interviews 150 + 1 inhabitants of Katowice to celebrate 150 years of the city.

Look at a selection of 25 pictures.

Tomasz Sinek, with color photographs shows in his way the architecture of the city.

  • 001_wezelmurckowska
  • 002_szklana kopula 2
  • 003_trzy stawy d
  • 004_muzeum slaskie ok
  • 005_hotel monopol ok
  • 006_fragment przy ul mickiewicza
  • 009_ul chorzowska
  • 012_sw jan ok
  • 013_ptasiek
  • 014_nikisz1
  • 015_20160919_140926
  • 007_secesja katowice
  • 008_nospr1
  • 010_moja propozycja 2
  • 011_dworzec
  • 016_20160919_140825

Monika Proba in street videos gives to see the vivacity of Katowice.