30/100 PL 30 years of Freedom

2019: Kielce, Lodz, Ujscie
Author: Piotr Wójcik
Curator: Dominique Roynette
Text selection: Barbara Klicka
Translation: Raf Uzar

Ever since Hegel, we have differentiated two types of freedom: “freedom from something” and “freedom to something”. The first is a lack of external duress while the second is the freedom to choose. In 1989 the idea of freedom meant above all “freedom from” the subjugation, hypocrisy and persecution of the communist system.

After 1989, the word came to take on other meanings. This part of the exhibition references the personal experiences of our heroes focusing on “freedom to something”. What does freedom mean to people living in Poland here and now?

The family memories, individual destinies, and varied places in which all our heroes have lived come together in a mosaic that represents contemporary Poland: diverse, modern but with serious problems. The key to choosing our heroes was by taking the most popular Polish surnames. The landscapes, portraits and statements from our heroes, which are often very fragmentary, demonstrate what we often do not notice every day.

People, events and street videos. The last few years after the transformation in 1989 that shook Poland.

The first part of the “30/Freedom” exhibition came into being in 2014-2015 in cooperation with Justyna Pobiedzińska. It was undertaken for the 25th anniversary of the transformation in 1989.

The second part, “100/Poland”, was part of the “Namesakes. Poland 2018” project which was developed in 2018 for the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence. It was undertaken for the “Polish Institute in Moscow” and conceived by Dariusz Klechowski.

The third part, “PL/2019” was developed in the years 2015-2019 and was created for wyborcza.pl and Mediapart.fr

Exhibition Production Sponsor: ORANGE POLAND
Organisation and production: Fundacja Picture Doc
Media Sponsor: Gazeta Wyborcza and Radio TOK FM