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Slovakia. Demon on the wall

2011. Piotr Wójcik It looks like favelas or refugees camps. Trailers, huts, shacks, shelters built with sheet of plywood, with just anything. No infrastructure. Just a miserable existence. How many Roma live like this, you don’t know, because no one knows how many there are.

Passengers, September 11. We remember

November 2011, La Halle, Paimpol, France Author: Tomasz Kizny Curator: Dominique Roynette, Piotr Wójcik The black-and-white cycle "Passengers" was shown in the slideshow format, along with the commentaries by its protagonists, New York citizens. Referring to the September 11 events, they embodied the subjective memory of the event.

Bytom Karb in Silesia region, Poland

2011. Piotr Wójcik Piotr Wojcik was documenting the unprecedented calamity in Karb, a district in Bytom, which has recently seen the end of the demolishing action of 27 buildings destroyed by the collapse of coal mining. Bulldozers have been working for two months after nearly 500 people were evacuated from the area. The demolition works were conducted on the cost of Coal Company.

1989 – 2009. 20 years of freedom in Eastern Europe

November 2009, La Halle, Paimpol, France Collective exhibition Curator: Dominique Roynette, Piotr Wójcik, Lidia Ostałowska The exhibition featured photographs of the Wroclaw-based Dementi Agency and Gazeta Wyborcza photographers. They were all taken in 1989 – 1991 in the former Soviet bloc countries: Poland, East Germany, Chekoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.


2000. Piotr Wójcik "A series of black and white portraits, firm, dignified, that highlight physical features as much as individual personalities. These portraits, all of which are framed with sober uniformity, give equal value to each individual, and invite us to enter their world".