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Polish freedoms

The book Polish freedoms by Piotr Wójcik and Justyna Pobiedzińska was published by The Picture Doc Foundation and the National Center for Culture. The introduction was written by Michał Boni and Tomasz Kizny. The graphic design was prepared by Domnique Roynette. In this edition you will find 25 new interviews with members of national and ethnic minorities living in Poland.


by Tomasz Kizny in collaboration with Dominique Roynette Additionally many photographic archive documents which witness the life in USSR camps from 1923 to the 1960s, Tomasz Kizny brings its own photographs, posing on these sites, now in ruins, and their populations a heterogeneous look of astonishing depth and a rare humanity.


Papusza is a CD set published by Agora SA and the National Center for Culture. Picture Doc produced the second CD presenting archive recordings of Bronisaława Wajs "Papusza". The original recordings were produced by the Polish Radio between 1959 and 1979.

The Great Terror in the USSR – 1937-1938

by Tomasz Kizny in collaboration with Dominique Roynette Album The Great Terror is devoted to the memory of victims of a crime against the humanity, committed in the USSR in 1937-1938, when during 15 months 750 000 people were murdered (an average of 1600 executions per day).