FREEDOM – Chris Niedenthal and the generation of young Polish photographers

The exhibition presents different views on life in one country over 30 years.

The juxtaposition of photos taken after 1989 with those of Chris Niedenthal shows two sides of life in Poland – the free one and the one during the system transformation. How has our life and perception of freedom changed? What are contemporary challenges for our society?

In addition to the exhibition, the Picture Doc Foundation organized a three-day series of meetings and workshops in the atelier Duży Pokój. Chris Niedenthal told the audience about how it was to be a photojournalist before 1989, Mariusz Forecki spent several hours with participants on talks about social documentary and for 4 of them selected through open call he conducted photo editing workshops (with free admission for listeners) and Piotr Malecki spoke about photographing modern society and led an open portfolio review.