Bytom Karb

May 2013, Zollverein, Essen, Germany
Collective exhibition “Memory of Work”
Curator: Stephan Stroux

“Memory of Work” is a multimedia project in the former Zollverein coalmine in Essen, undertaking the issue of the dusk of the industrial culture. The project features Polish and German artists, including Wojciech Kucharczyk, Sławomir Rumiak, Wilhelm Sasnal, Andrzej Tobis, and Piotr Wójcik.
The project discusses the issue of work, particularly the history of the places where heavy industry developed for dozens of years – coal mines, steel works, and other industrial sites were created there. The project is an artistic link between the Ruhr district and Upper Silesia, the centres of the mining industries in Germany and Poland.

2011. Bytom Karb Copyright Piotr Wójcik

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About Piotr Wójcik’s project Bytom Karb:
“The need for colors originates when you spend your life underground” – says Stephan Stroux. “This time, this concerns the inhabitants of the ‘Karb’ demolished housing estate in Bytom. The flats, falling into ruin, were taken care of Warsaw-based photographer Piotr Wójcik, who managed to enter and document their interiors, almost empty and depopulated.”
Joanna Kiliszek from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute – “It is one of the strongest and most beautiful works in the exhibition. This is the archeology of life in the place. People who lived there for many year now escape it, dreaming about a better life and wanting to forget about the previous one. Excavators and bulldozers destroy an element in their past. This world exists solely on photographs.”