4-15 December 2012, The Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Authors: Ewa Winnicka, Chris Niedenthal
Curators: Dominique Roynette, Piotr Wójcik

In 1939–1947, almost 200 thousand Poles, damaged by the War and great politics, started living on a foreign island. Most natives were not happy.
– We landed on Mars, and, in order to survive, we had to found Poland there – said one of the refugees. What was living there like? How did it evolve? Who are the children born on the foreign planet? The “Londoners” exhibition shows about a dozen of stories about living on Mars.
The exhibition will display photographs of the 1950s Polish emigration, found by a young Italian artist on a garbage damp. The photos, taken most probably in the 1950s, lack dates or captions, showing elegant women in evening dresses, clerks wearing suits, brides, children, and priests.

Ewa Winnicka, journalist, since 1999 co-operating with the Polityka weekly. The Grand Press award’s two-time winner (in 2005 and 2008) for social-themed texts. Ewa Winnicka’s book Londoners, photographs by Chris Niedenthal (Wydawnictwo Czarne, Agora)
Chris Niedenthal, Polish photographer born to Polish emigrants, one of the most acclaimed European photo-journalists.