Picture Doc joined Duży Pokój

Duży Pokój is a place open to theaters, artists, film directors, culture managers, performers, dancers, informal groups, amateurs as well as professionals. It is meant to be an open space in which everyone can work and evolve freely. Its program is complimentary to the programs offered by community centers.

Duży pokój was created by four organizations: Stowarzyszenie Rozwój w Biały Dzień, Stowarzyszenie 61, Stowarzyszenie Pracownia Etnograficzna and Inicjatywa Wolna Białoruś.

In 2010 Duży pokój took part in the “lokal na kulturę” contest organized by the Śródmieście district municipality, which enabled us to open our doors in a 120 square meter space.

Among other projects Duży Pokój curates a program entitles “Sala na próbę” (“rehearsal hall”), which enables theaters, directors, actors, dancers and signers to hold rehearsals and castings for free.

In November 2014, after moving to a bigger office on Warecka Street, Duży Pokój was joined by Picture Doc Foundation and W Punkt magazine.

Starting from march 2011, Duży pokój hosted over 2600 events and activities such as: rehearsals, castings, debates, workshops, exhibitions, photo shoots, film sets, trainings, shows, screenings and meetings.

Would you like to host an event? Take a look here.